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Racism: Interpersonal

  • Interpersonal Racism - Definitions and examples of interpersonal racism.

  • Racial Equity Tools - A website that offers tools, research, tips, and curricula for working towards racial equity.

  • Your Stories of Racism - A collection of personal experiences of interpersonal racism. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the first installment.

Racism: Structural

  • Seeing Structural Racism: Tompkins County - Information guide to help understand structural racism impacts in our local communities. 

  • Structural Racism - Definitions of structural racism and related terms.

  • Dismantling Structural Racism - An overview of the history of structural racism and how to develop racial justice policies.

  • Racial Equity Impact Assessment - Tools and strategies to determine how different racial and ethnic groups will be affected by a proposed action or decision.

  • Black Lives Matter - The official website for Black Lives Matter: a movement which seeks to work towards a world where Black lives are no longer systemically and intentionally targeted for demise.

  • Dismantling Racism - A workbook describing assumptions and the consequences of internalization. It also provides tools for action.

  • Black Youth Project - A platform for young Black Americans to empower and uplift their lived experiences through research, articles, and action.

Microaggression & Bigotry


  • Interactive Map - An interactive map of indigenous people's territories, languages, and treaties. 

  • Indigenous Values Initiative - Promoting values expressed by the leadership of the Onondaga Nation, the Central Fire (or Capital) of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

  • Indigenous Ways of Knowing - A tribal toolkit and guide for LGBT equity in Indian country.

  • American Indian Movement - A civil rights activist organization promoting self-determination among Native Americans and recognition of their treaty rights.

  • Cayuga Nation - An overview of the culture and government of Cayuga Nation.

  • Cultural Survival - An organization that supports and empowers indigenous peoples to advocate for their rights.


  • Unsettling America - Documenting decolonization from the grassroots level.

  • Awakening the Horse People: Heart of Decolonization - Practical tools, understandings, and resources that can aid healing movements of decolonization, ancestral recovery, and re-indigenization for white people of European heritage.

  • Decolonization is Not a Metaphor - An article remind us of the true purposes of decolonization and why it is necessary. To stray from this understanding is to metaphorize decolonization and create an environment of "settler moves to innocence."

Cultural Sensitivity


  • #RaceAnd - Explores intersections between Race and other issues such as gender, class, immigration status, body, disability and sexuality.

Talking Circles on Race: Racism Real Talk

  • Timeline of Racism in the US - A living document created by the staff at MRC noting key dates in US history that have contributed to the formation of white supremacy and are the foundation of systemic racism in the US.

  • Levels of Racism - Created by the MRC for the Talking Circles program, this document breaks down the levels at which racism is present in our society.

  • Racial Identity Development - Created by Beverly Daniel Tatum, explores the stages at which individuals experience their own racial consciousness.

Current Events

  • Travel Ban - An explanation of the Supreme Court decision regarding the travel ban. 

  • Why You Should Care - Current Statistics for DACA, EPA Funding, Incarceration, and Puerto Rican Recovery Efforts.  


  • Communities Over Commodities - People-driven alternatives to an unjust housing system - A 2018 report by Homes For All Campaign of Right To The City Alliance.

Environmental Justice



Radical Self-Love

  • The Body is Not an Apology - Articles and resources to support self-love and value in many areas including physical appearance, mental health, gender, sexuality, race, etc.



Educational Materials

  • Zinn Education Project - Provides teaching materials that emphasize the role of working people, women, people of color, and organized social movements in shaping history.

  • Teaching for Change - A booklist for multicultural and social justice resources.

  • Asian American Curriculum Project - Resources to educate people about the diversity of the Asian American experience.

  • Teaching Tolerance - Lesson plans on race/ethnicity, immigration, class, bullying and bias, religion, rights and activism, gender and sexual identity.