Welcome to the Multicultural resource center!

Although we are a small organization, we have deep impact in our communities. MRC has been dedicated to building community through cultural and political education, antiracism organizing, and cross-cultural movement building!  We invite you to learn more about the work we do with our communities.

 Peace and Love! ~Fabina B. Colon, MRC Director

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MRC's Guiding principles:

We honor the fundamental dignity, sovereignty, and inherent power of all people! Our commitment to the changes we wish to inform and inspire in our communities are guided by the following ways of working:

  • We honor our human rights, challenge injustice and resist systems of oppression.

  • We honor First Peoples’ knowledge, our elders, and the histories of our communities.

  • We honor seeing and being seen, listening and being heard.

  • We honor intergenerational collective leadership.

  • We honor leading with cultural intelligence.

  • We honor leading from knowledge that is experiential, lived and comes from first-person voice.

  • We honor accountability to one another and to the work for both the intention and impact of our words and actions.

  • We honor cultural and arts expression as a central guide to advance our goals and mission.

  • We honor life-long learning and working from a place of humility.

  • We honor racial and cultural healing as key ingredients to sustain our movement and persevere through the challenges that come with our work.

If you would like to be involved in the work of MRC, or might simply enjoy learning more about what MRC can offer you, contact us at coordinator@multiculturalresourcecenter.org

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