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Ithaca's Muslim​ ​Culture​ ​Mural - Volunteer!

Volunteer with Ithaca's First Mural Honoring Muslim Culture!

The Muslim Culture Mural not only shows images of the Muslim faith, it also shows the diversity of the Muslim community in Ithaca.  Each doorway has a glimpse into the culture of Muslims in our community.  A market scene celebrates West African culture, and giving charity. Mountains and valleys fill another window, showing the beauty of the middle east and a journey of faith.  The center window is the base of the faith in a higher power.  Scenes of Asia, and a reflection of the effort to disconnect from our daily routines, a representation of meditation and prayer.  Last but not least is the fifth window, with a European picnic basket, representing sharing and the body as a vessel of peace.

Many days this summer, you can join the artist, Lachlan Chambliss and volunteers to complete this addition to the Ithaca Mural family. All levels are welcomed, no age limit, just dress for mess, and lots of memories.

Mark you calendars: The next painting times will be 8:30am to 11:30am on June 17th (Sat), and 24th (Sat).

Location: Walk/bike/drive past Cinemapolis and take your first left into the Green Street Garage.

To volunteer: Caleb R. Thomas calebrthomas@gmail.com607-273-5242
For other inquiries: Nagiane L. Arriaza;  607-272-3622

Click here for a time lapse video and latest news on the project: