A lot of adults will say that the future belongs to youth. But young people from all backgrounds are not given the space, support and freedom to co-create and lead on the issues that impact them in school, in community or in politics right now. 

At the same time, the United States has been and continue to be in the midst of a crisis -- with racism and police brutality in the media every week, economic inequality rapidly increasing, Islamophobic violence on the rise, daily high profile attacks on immigrants, violence directed at women and queer folks, and huge barriers to housing, food and basic needs. With the recent election, these trends are only going to grow. Ithaca and Tompkins county are no exception. Despite the “progressive” reputation, our community has the same problems. 

In the Youth Organizing Fellowship you’ll take these problems head on, and develop the real skills to change the world right now -- skills that you won’t get in school. YOF is a youth-led program, looking for self-driven, passionate young individuals who are ready to challenge themselves and dismantle dysfunctional and corrupt systems. In the youth fellowship you’ll work with young people from all different backgrounds and identities to come together, and make change in our whole community. 

Fellowship Qualifications:
-Must be a young person residing in Tompkins County (15-18 years old)
-Commitment to participating in the fellowship for the entire 2018 year
-Strong motivation to address systemic roots of oppression and power
-Willingness to take risks in order to learn new perspectives, knowledge and skills
-Strong desire to learn histories of community organizing, develop deeper cultural awareness, and expand personal political education
-Desire and ability to work in multicultural and inter-generational teams with diverse identities around race, class, gender, sexuality, nationality, ability, and more
-Strong desire to learn new skills
-Want to change the status quo
*previous experience is not required!*

-Opportunity to travel to conferences and interact with partner organizations

We look forward to hearing from you, and of course, feel free to direct any questions to our email: coordinator@multiculturalresourcecenter.org

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