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We offer dynamic, transformative learning spaces on Equity, Racial Justice & Power Dynamics, Decolonization, Cultural Intelligence, & Intersectionality. Our offerings are customizable for large or small groups, professional or casual workplaces/organizations, age levels, orientations, and backgrounds. 

We welcome schools, organizations, workplaces, and the general. All workshops and trainings are offered by trained facilitators. Not seeing what you want or need? We can consult with you to find and or create a workshop adequate for your needs and interest!

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Bystander Intervention Training

Learn how community members of all identities and backgrounds can safely intervene in incidents of harassment that take place publicly in our community, particularly when the target/s and perpetrator/s are strangers. The training will help participants identify their own barriers to taking action, develop the skills of effective intervention, and understand how our own background and identities come into play when we are deciding to intervene (particularly if the intervention may turn a harasser's attention towards us).

The simulation allows participants to pull back the curtain of colorblindness to see The New Jim Crow, so people of all racial and identity backgrounds can unite to play our part in undoing injustice. Participants navigate and experience “first hand” the complex challenges facing millions of predominantly black and brown people in the United States today and develop an analysis of how the reentry process is integrated within the system of second class citizenship and racial control characteristic of mass incarceration.

The Practice of Racial Equity

Participants learn to identify "choice points" present in our daily decision-making processes and how we can leverage opportunities to advance racial equity.

Decolonizing Our Minds

Participants learn about the many dimensions and histories of European colonization and the instances of resistance as well as building a daily detox process that purifies our minds to effect intentional and dignified action and impact. 

Reclaiming Youth Power

Participants examine student protests and youth-based organizing to reclaim the transformative power of youth activism and also gain tools to organize on their own.

We Gon’ Be Alright

A Healing Space for People of Color - Participants explore the many similarities and differences in experience that lays the groundwork for political solidarity. We highlight indigeneity, gender, queerness, colorism, class status, immigration, and ableism.

Beyond Identity Politics

A Workshop for People of Color - Participants will explore what is identity politics, how does it separates us and what is nationalism.

To Be On This Land

A workshop for People of Color - Participants will explore what it means to be a person of color on occupied Native land in the United States.

Workshop Fees per 2.5hr Workshop

  • Package Rate for Org Budg $100k & under ($375)

  • Package Rate for Org Budg $100k-200k ($750)

  • Package Rate for Org Budg over $200k ($1,100)

  • Individual Staff Rate w. Org Budg $100k & under ($35)

  • Individual Staff Rate w. Org Budg $100k-200k ($55)

  • Individual Staff Rate w. Org Budg over $200k ($75)

  • Income $15k and under ($25)

  • Income $16k - 27k ($35)

  • Income $28k - 40k ($45)

  • Income $41k - 54k ($55)

  • Income $55k and over ($70)