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2018-2019 DISCUSSION SERIES: ON NATIVE LANDS Decolonization, Solidarity & Resurgence

You are invited to join us for the first Fall 2018 CSCRE Discussion Series Event:


CSCRE 2018-19 Discussion Series:  ON NATIVE LANDS Decolonization, Solidarity & Resurgence

Iokepa Casumbal-Salazar (Kanaka Maoli), Assistant Professor, CSCRE presents:

 “THE FUTURE, STILL: Constellations of Indigenous Resurgence

Date: Wednesday,  September 26, 2018 

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Clark Lounge


When Indigenous peoples fight against giant telescopes or oil pipelines on sacred lands, we are not obstructing “progress” or “inventing traditions.” These stereotypes affirm white heteropatriarchy in America by casting defiant Indigenous peoples as backwards-looking and trapped in a romanticized past. And if Native claims to land and sovereignty should reject the racializing structures of capitalist liberal inclusion, the settler state renders Indigenous peoples as irrational, even criminal. This happens across the empire, from Mauna a Wākea to Oceti Sakowin, Iroquoia to Guahan: erasures, distortions, and real-time mythmaking that trivialize and prevent Native survival abound.


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