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Join us on 6/5 @ 6pm for "4th of July, NOT our Independence!"

What: 4th of July, NOT our Independence! 

When: July 5th, 6pm-8:30pm

Where: MRC (516 W. Martin Luther King Jr. St.)

Cost: $10 Donation

Join us for a viewing of the film, "Sir, No Sir" followed by a conversation about an almost forgotten part of history that connects Racism, the Declaration of Independence, and the Vietnam War & Militarism.

ir, No Sir s a documentary published by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War  about an anti-war movement that merged in the 1960's hat altered the course of history. This movement didn’t take place on college campuses, but in barracks and on aircraft carriers. It flourished in army stockades, navy brigs and in the dingy towns that surround military bases. It penetrated elite military colleges like West Point. And it spread throughout the battlefields of Vietnam. It was a movement no one expected, least of all those in it. Hundreds went to prison and thousands into exile. And by 1971 it had, in the words of one colonel, infested the entire armed services. Yet today few people know about the GI movement against the war in Vietnam where to 3 million Vietnamese were killed.

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