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TRAINING: Rapid Response for Immigrants

TRAINING: Rapid Response for Immigrants

SUNDAY., Jan. 28th, 2:00-4:00pm

Organized by TC Immigrant Rights Coalition

Free and open to community members who want to participate in the Rapid Response Network

in Tompkins County

Location: T.C. Workers’ Center

115 East MLK Jr. St

(above Autumn Leaves Bookstore, Commons)

Ithaca, NY 14850

Hi everyone,

The TC Immigrant Rights Coalition is having another training for Rapid Response, based on the model presented in the first training in May ’17 done by CNY Workers’ Center. We’d like to invite you to participate: our training will happen on Jan. 28th, 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

Below is a description of the Rapid Response Network for Immigrants, which was set upas a way for members of the community to show up to document as best as possible in the event of I.C.E./Border Patrol presence, arrests, and detentions in town.  We also hope to build relationships, and strengthen trust among our communities.

Since our last RR training, we have

  • set up an RR network,
  • established a hotline,
  • developed working groups for the roles required for the network, and
  • set up a workshop for Legal Observers.

We hope to do another test/run-through of rapid response likely in mid-February; so we would like to have those who are joining (and those who have joined already) practice their roles. We have a need for folks in key roles such as:

  • Multi-lingual or bi-lingual operators of RR hotline (Chinese/Mandarin and others, Burmese, Thai, other Asian languages; French; African languages. We have several folks covering Spanish, Portuguese, German, some French, but welcome more!!!)
  • Legal Observers
  • Media team (including social media)
  • Documenting team (photographers, videographers, scribes)
  • Outreach team to inform immigrants and other community members about the network and immigrant rights.

The training will include a discussion of goals and reasons for RR network as well as its process and what the roles entail.  There will be opportunity for discussion of the roles, and a short role-play to a specific scenario, to familiarize folks with the RR process. Resource packets will be distributed to participants.

There will be opportunity for people to sign up for the RR team and download the app we are using, if so desired. We are getting out the outreach cards/fliers with information about the RR network so people can be familiar with it and the other work done by the TCIRC (

We know some of you are especially in contact with community members or students who can help or would like to be engaged, so please spread the word about the TRAINING. Let us know if you have gotten responses, too, as that will help us reach out to more or less people as we gauge the interest in the next few days before the training.


Patricia Rodriguez (, Beth Harris (, and Carlos Gutierrez (, on behalf of TCIRC